Welcome from the President

Welcome to the website of the Catalan Association of Regional Science. It is our tool for information and discussion.

Regional Studies owns, in Catalonia, a long tradition that culminates in the creation of the Catalan Association of Regional Science as part of the Spanish Association of Regional Science.

The activities of the Catalan Association for Regional Science include lectures, seminars and conferences as main activities. The most recent conference was held in Barcelona in August 2011. It was the European Congress of Regional Science, with over 1000 participants.

Other relevant activities are collaborations Regional Research Magazine, our magazine is arriving in shares outstanding quality and growing.

The group‘s activities are characterized by a multi-character, as befits the problem territorial, regional and urban. This is one of the most challenging of our activities.

Space and location are the main problem areas of the Association.

In conclusion, on behalf of the Board and myself, I welcome you to our sharing common ground.

Daniel Serra de la Figuera